Homecoming: Kaitlyn & Gage

Kaitlyn & Gage have been married for 2 years, but have spent a lot of their time as newlyweds apart due to Gage's deployment.  When he flew in at 2 am after months of being away, Kaitlyn jumped up and down just knowing he was on the plane in front of her.  Hundreds of soldiers greeted their families who had been waiting for hours in the middle of the night. One of Gage's friends got off the plane first. He found Kaitlyn, and as soon as he saw Gage, started pointing and yelling to help him find her. She took off running to land wrapped in his arms. Kaitlyn summed it up on her Instagram like this, "Every tear, every night spent wishing you were wrapped in their arms, every holiday that doesn't feel quite right because they're gone, every struggle, it's all washed away in that moment when you know he's home...He's really, finally home."

Thank you to these brave men and women for your service.  Thank you to their strong families waiting back home.  It was an honor to be present for this intimate moment of reconnection.