Runaway Runway

Columbia Design League throws an amazing event every year called Runaway Runway.  Local designers submit fashion created entirely from recycled materials.  This year, the ninth year of this showcase of creativity, I got to capture a few photos behind the scenes and during the main event.  So many of these designers blew me away with their vision and execution.  A new award, called SC Strong, was given this year to two designers as they honored the strength of our state this year.  It's been a tough year for South Carolina with natural and unnatural disasters, but victories were seen time and time again in how we responded to tragedy.  The two designers who won the SC Strong award both used fabrics, one being the state flag, that they rescued in clean up after the historic flooding that devastated many of our cities including my city Columbia.  Many other awards were given out at the end of an amazing night to reward these wonderful artists.

Huge thank you to Columbia Design League for putting all of this together and inviting me in. Thank you to the amazing designers and models for creating amazing art.  Find out more about the event here.