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Wow, what to say about this one? Megan found this spot while hiking with friends and sent me pictures asking if I thought it would work. Um, yes I think I can work with a mountain top in Asheville. We met in Asheville at 6am, drove the Blue Ridge Parkway before anyone other than the raccoons were on it, and hiked as the sun came up. It may sound cheesy to call this magical, but y'all. This. Was. Magical. Without further ado, here is The Most Gorgeous Bridal Session Ever TM.

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Laura's bridal session blew my mind. She braved the outdoors, adventuring with me wherever we found inspiration. Over and over she told me how much she felt like a woodland fairy princess.  Read more about this session on my featured post on the Basic Invite blog!

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In Columbia, South Carolina during Winter or Spring, you can expect the weather to act a little unexpectedly. Nicole's bridals, in her strapless dress, were the day before a snow! It may be hard to believe that Columbia got snow, and it may not look like it here, but snow it did! Nicole rocked these bridals, channeling some real top model vibes.

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Our first session, their engagement session, was cold and rainy.  It was not ideal weather, but they toughed it out and trusted me to create something snuggly and warm.  Her bridal portrait session was so hot, the glue in her bouquet melted. Melted! But again, Cheyenne toughed it out and showed off her best Top Model looks.  So tough, so sassy, so beautiful.  I've loved every minute of working with her, and cannot wait to share this perfect fall wedding soon!

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Maggie has been a close friend since my first semester of college.  To be able to capture the moments of this joyful season has been a wonderful experience.  Her strong personality is so fun, you can't help but laugh with her all the time.  Now she is married! Now she & Justin get to make each other laugh every day.  I'm so thankful to walk with her in this journey & very honored that she asked me to create these portraits.  

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