And I'm thinking 'bout how
People fall in love in mysterious ways,
Maybe just the touch of a hand.
Well, me - I fall in love with you every single day.

                                                       - Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Cheyenne & Adam are married! Their gorgeous wedding underneath the oak trees is almost done and coming soon to the blog, but in the meantime, here are Cheyenne's beautiful bridal portraits.

Cheyenne is so warm and funny, like a friend I've known for years even though we met just a few months ago.  It has been such a pleasure to work with this little stunner.  Our first session, their engagement session, was cold and rainy.  It was not ideal weather, but they toughed it out and trusted me to create something snuggly and warm.  Her bridal portrait session was so hot, the glue in her bouquet melted. Melted! But again, Cheyenne toughed it out and showed off her best Top Model looks.  So tough, so sassy, so beautiful.  I've loved every minute of working with her, and cannot wait to share this perfect fall wedding soon!