Nicole & Travis

You know it's a genuine and deep love by how they look at each other. Whether they were nervous, comfortable, excited, or just laughing with ease, these two looked at each other in that special way that said they know each other deeply and love each other all the more. Only that type of look can say that so well. Get ready to see a lot of it. Oh, and their pomeranian. Get ready to see that adorable fluff in a bow-tie.

We took a few photos just hanging out and talking by the river about their relationship and what they're looking forward to most.  Then they took me to a spot where they like to kayak, and got in the kayaks! If you're planning an engagement session, plan an activity that you actually enjoy doing together.  You'll get photos of your real life and authentic loving smiles. Nicole & Travis embraced that idea quickly.  When I asked what they liked to do together, and she asked if we could involve kayaks, I was very excited to say yes! Of course we can!